Social Media Marketing

This program helps to build brands, drive sales and measure ROI.


Amitabh Verma

Amitabh Verma
An ex-Googler and Founder of AMP Digital Solutions with more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing.Over the last one year, Amitabh has trained professionals from more than 100 companies in the art of digital marketing. Amitabh also consults with large MNC in India and abroad.

Social Media Marketing

INR. 10620

The Social Media program help you understand the tools and techniques related to Social media marketing. You will how to drive engagement, brand building and sales through the social media platforms. Focus of the program is to learn social platforms, tools and techniques as well as models to evaluate ROI of social media marketing. The sessions are held using web conference tool, so you login from anywhere. There are 4 sessions of 3 hrs each. The next batch will start from 16th December, 2017 and the classes will be held online from 10am to 1pm every saturday.

This program is for all marketers who are using Social Media or who plan to use Social media in their jobs. Also, this can be useful for entrepreneurs, digital marketers or students who are planning to get into Social Media Marketing.

Given below are the topics that will be covered during the 4 sessions:

1. Overview of Social Media Marketing. Content marketing, and Inbound Marketing (using HubSpot)

2. Facebook Organic - Edgerank, building communities, targeting, analytics

3. Facebook Ads - campaign types, ad sets, ad formats, bids, budgets, carousal, ad analytics

4. Twitter - features, usages of twitter, campaigns, ad formats, bids, pricing, analytics

5. Understanding LinkedIn - features, usages of twitter, campaigns, ad formats, bids, pricing, analytics

6. Pinterest, Google + as marketing tools

7. Enabling ecommerce on Social platforms - Shopify, Chirpify

8. Understanding Social ROI, 3rd party tools.