Search Engine Optimisation

An introductory course on Search Engine Optimisation for anyone looking to improve their website ranking on Google.


Amitabh Verma

Amitabh Verma
An ex-Googler and Founder of AMP Digital Solutions with more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing.Over the last one year, Amitabh has trained professionals from more than 100 companies in the art of digital marketing. Amitabh also consults with large MNC in India and abroad.

Search Engine Optimisation

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The course talks about how the search engines work - right from crawling a website, to indexing it , to ranking and serving the search results. We also look at some tips for building websites which are search engine optimised, and which will provide good opportunity for a search ranking. We look at some link building tactics as well as common myths surrounding SEOs.

This is a beginners program and will provide a flavour of what SEO is all about. Good for students, entrepreneurs, and marketers. If you're a seasoned SEO, you would know most of this.

Session Details

1. SEO Introduction   SEO Introduction
2. How does a Search Engine work   How does a Search Engine work?
3. 8 Tips for building SEO friendly website   8 Tips for building SEO friendly website
4. Good ways for link building   Good ways for link building
5. SE Myths   SE Myths