Google Web Analytics

Google Analytics Program to help you get actionable insights for your business.


Amitabh Verma

Amitabh Verma
An ex-Googler and Founder of AMP Digital Solutions with more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing.Over the last one year, Amitabh has trained professionals from more than 100 companies in the art of digital marketing. Amitabh also consults with large MNC in India and abroad.

Google Web Analytics

INR. 12000

Google Web analytics course will help you become an expert in handling Google Analytics (GA) platform to draw actionable insights for your business. In this program, we will learn how to implement GA including goals, funnels, ecommerce tracking etc. You will learn to look at traffic by sources, behaviour and conversion. There will be 3 classes of 3 hrs each, plus one bonus webinar on Email marketing. Each of the classes will cover 2 topic sessions listed below

The program will also help you learn how to segment data and create custom reports, suited for your company or line of business. You will learn to build dashboards and pick the right KPIs and benchmarks for your business. You will learn the attributions models and clustering of data to provide the right credit to the channels and help in allocating resources correctly.

This program is for all digital marketers, business owners, web analysts or students who wants to get into these areas.

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Session Details

1. Setting up Google Analytics, Basic terms
2. Understanding standard reports
3. Advanced Segmentation, Filters, custom reporting
4. Goals, Funnels, Event tracking, Ecommerce tracking
5. KPIs and reports
6. Attribution models, dashboards, social media tracking
7. Webinar - Email Marketing KPIs